Anh Đào Kolbe, LCSW

Johnson Office

Trinity Ridge Photography

Anh Đào Kolbe, LCSW earned their Master of Social Work from the University of Arkansas and has been a transplant to the Northwest Arkansas area since 2011. From the Far East via the Middle East and the East Coast, Anh Đào has been a mentor to at-risk youth for over thirty-plus years, specific to LGBTIQAA+, and has served communities of color as a social justice activist.

As a published photographer, Anh Đào uses their creative talents to educate others about privilege, oppression, and fragility. Anh Đào has also served clients struggling with their identities around being an adoptee/adopted, ongoing challenges around the complexities of intersectionalities, and more recently, adolescent sexual abusers in a residential treatment program. They welcome anyone they feel they would make a difference with since as an adoptee themselves, they are adaptable.

In their free time, Anh Đào hides behind their camera as a professional shutterbug, creates delicious tasty dishes as a culinary chef want-to-be, and enjoys the Natural State’s running waters as their meditative practices as an immature Buddhist.


(479) 435-4207