Brian Waggoner, Intern

Rogers Office

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Brian Waggoner is an intern pursuing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. As an intern, Brian has experience working with children and adults with a variety of life experiences, struggles, and needs. Brian brings with him years of life experience in various work, community, and social settings that give depth to his sense of empathy and connectedness in the therapeutic relationship.

Brian combines a person-centered belief in the natural motivation and capability for growth within each individual with the perspective of the stories we develop and live through important attachment relationships during our lives. Brian believes that understanding how our attachment experiences shape our internal emotional processing and interpersonal responses is a starting point for change in therapy. Brian strives to provide a safe place in therapy where one can explore the meaning they assign to authentic emotions and where new meaning can be found and lived.

Brian enjoys spending his free time at home or outdoors with his family and riding his mountain bike or motorcycle.


(479) 435-4207