LaTisha Johnson, PhD, LPC

Johnson Clinic

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Dr. LaTisha Johnson, PhD, LPC is a certified anger management facilitator with specializations in technology assisted counseling, grief counseling, and EMDR therapy. Dr. Johnson has 15+years’ experience working with individuals and families in hospital, residential, and outpatient clinical mental health settings.

She attained a Master of Arts in Counseling with emphasis in Rehabilitation from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She proudly holds a PhD in Positive Psychology, an innovative and emerging branch of psychology and wellbeing. As an undergraduate, she completed studies in Child & Family Development and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the U of A at Pine Bluff.

Dr. Johnson finds purpose in both counseling and teaching. In the past, she worked as an adjunct professor at the University of Phoenix-Little Rock campus and Philander Smith College, a private, historically black college in Little Rock, AR. 

However, she is most passionate about teaching others how to live healthier, happier lives. She encourages those who see no light at the end of the tunnel, by offering them her light, and guiding them through dark times. 

Dr. Johnson works with a diverse client population and various presenting problems: depression, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, mood disorders, anger, peer relationships, etc.


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